Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Tom Farrell had always wished hell on his boss, Clark Randolph... on New Year's Eve... HELL sent someone. 

 Finally the fan favorite from the horror anthology, "Midnight Never Ends" is now a stand alone novella, "Along For The Ride." Tom Farrell is a man who is nothing more than filth on the bottom of his boss's shoe. A servant, who is used and abused by his cheapskate boss, funeral director, Clark Randolph. But everything changes when Tammy Robinson comes to work at the Randolph funeral home and it all revolves around, a long journey with a 400 pound corpse, a New Year's Eve date and a hearse named Susi. Read the stand alone novella "Along For The Ride" now on Kindle or get the entire anthology, "Midnight Never Ends" also on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.


Friday, April 18, 2014

A Christmas I hope I Never Have!

The Christmas Special is unlike any book I’ve ever read before. It’s an epic story filled with heart-pounding details that would make any Tom Clancy novel jealous on every level. The cover is deceiving, but that is not what drew me to the book it was of course the story. However when I saw the cover is deceptive, it is reflective of the events that come from within the story.

I purposely refrain from giving you a retrospective of the plot as this book is too good to have any of them spoiled in advance. I’d like to focus on the brilliant style in which David Hearne writes. Quite often I had to remind myself this book is a fictional story, because it’s written in such a style you can’t help but feel everything before is factual.

I personally experienced many emotions while reading this book, because as an American, I can at the heart identify with the events that transpire. I give this book 5 stars because, I felt the author never held back and allowed the story to be told in the cold-blooded fashion for which I believe it was meant to be. I hope this book remains fiction and never becomes a reality, for what lies inside these pages, are too terrifying to contemplate.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Finally, after two years, Thomas Amo is returning to his horror roots! Always a fan of great ghost stories, haunted houses, and terrifying tales. His latest, is not only all of the above, but a tribute to one of his biggest inspirations.

On April 7th, of this this year, the author gives us a peek into the dark corners of his imagination, while paying homage to one of the most prolific television writers of the twentieth century. And to a show that kept a young boy wide awake at night, long after the end credits rolled. I'm talking of course about, Rod Serling, and the Night Gallery.

The Night Gallery was an anthology series created from the mind of the man who had given us the Twilight Zone, ten years earlier. This time, the show would focus on the macabre, horror, and the occult, instead of the science fiction morality tales the Twilight Zone was so famous for. In 1969 a pilot for the eventual series came in the form of a movie of the week, based on two stories from Serling's only novel. "The Season to be Wary." Originally published in 1967, it provided the perfect backdrop for a concept that would allow viewers, director and creators to go in any direction with each story they wanted to, and not be locked into the typical weekly series, where cops always get the bad guy, the space ship crash lands on yet, another hostile alien planet, and those hillbillies in Beverly Hills, still get to relax next to the cement pond. 

After the pilot, the show was picked up and aired from 1970-1973 on NBC, Wednesday nights at 10pm as an hour show for the first two seasons. Then moved to Sunday nights at 10:30, reduced down to a thirty minute show. Often, Serling was considered only as the host of the show and nothing more. However, that is simply not true, as he wrote over one third of the episodes. Having come on board as the show's creator, he didn't want the responsibilities of being a producer, like with Twilight Zone, so he allowed that job to go to, Jack Laird. A decision he would very much regret. In spite of Serling's disappointments with the show, it literally became a showcase for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Often considered campy at best, the show still delivered several gems based on many popular short stories of the day and adapted into original canvas paintings, created by artist, Tom Wright. 

For this author, part of the scare in the show was the paintings themselves. placed against Rod Serling's perfect presence and narrative flair, the Night Gallery wouldn't have had near the chill factor it carried without him. 

So, on April 7, 2014, Thomas Amo, takes you back to a place very much like the Night Gallery, where he not only pays tribute to a brilliant writer, but to a show that made being a kid being scared at night, fun.

Four twisted tales of horror from author, Thomas Amo, that pay tribute to master writer of the macabre, Rod Serling, and the gothic, little salon, where sinister artwork tell the stories, in a place known as, the Night Gallery. You're invited to join us as we display four new original canvases for you to observe and study, each with its own dark story to tell. We ask only that you do not touch the exhibited works. For very frequently, they touch back. RATED FOR ADULT HORROR 18+ 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Forever ME selected as a finalist for Best YA of 2013. Voting begins today!

Sign up and Vote Here!
To my surprise, I learned my YA novel, "Forever ME" has made it as a finalist in eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair for best YA of 2013. I was also pleased to see one of my nearest and dearest made the final rounds as well with not only one but two of her books. Michelle Muto with her YA novel, "Don't Fear The Reaper" and her NA horror novel, "The Haunting Season." Congratulations Michelle!

Today the voting begins! There's a link just under the badge above that will take you to the site. You register for free (ignore the AD, it's not part of the process). Go to the bottom of the page where it says: JUMP TO: and select, The Awards Hall and vote for your favorites!  

Thank you everyone who has been so helpful in reading, writing reviews, and commenting about how much they have loved, "Forever ME." 

Cheers and Thank you!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer is here! YAY~ I'm So Bored~ Now What?

Summer, that coveted spot in our yearly timeline that can't get here fast enough! Every year while I was a student I couldn't wait for summer, because that meant first off:

Hanging out with my friends  ALL DAY LONG!
Going to the movies
Amusement Parks
But how often after the first week were you saying, "I'm so bored?"

But let's say your friends are busy, you've slept as long as you can, there's nothing at the cinema you are interested in seeing. What to do?

READ A BOOK! I've got a little something for everyone for your eReader in no particular order.
All the buy links are listed below. If you've read any of these awesome authors, drop a note and let me know what you thought of their book.

Enjoy the Summer and read someone new.

"THE HAUNTING SEASON by Michelle Muto               

New Adult

KISSED IN PARIS by Juliette Sobanet

 Adult Romance


Young Adult

CURE: A Strandville Zombie Novel By Belinda S. Frisch

Adult Horror


Adult Romance

STAR STRUCK  by Amber Garza

New Adult 
(Released Today 6/13/13)


New Adult Paranormal

RED ASPHALT by Scott Cherney

Adult Thriller

FOREVER ME by Thomas Amo

Young Adult

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Little Something Scary

M.E. Franco, loves to tell a good story. She's introduced us to her world of Vampires in her Dion series, she's put us in the saddle with her hot cowboy romance, "The Rustler's Daughter" and now she's dipped her toe into the icy waters of horror fiction with her short story, "Basement Games."

I read an ARC last night and boy did the skin crawl! She's without a doubt got a great grasp on how to tell a good story with startling visuals.  If you're up for some flash horror fiction, I encourage you to check out this little ditty by the multi-talented, M.E. Franco!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bullies Aren't Always Your Enemy.

Bullying doesn't always come in the form of teenage students making fun of you in the halls of your high school. It's a wide-spread pandemic breeding inside social networks. It used to be if you were being bullied, you at least got a reprieve while you were away from school. Not anymore. Technology has seen to that. Teens are so immersed into social networking that it has become the window that bullies climb through without hesitation. Teens build fake accounts on FB, Twitter, MySpace, or any number of other sites in order to ridicule or taunt a fellow student.
Now the teen can't get away from it at all and girl bullies use tactics that are far more emotionally damaging than two girls pulling hair after school. "Mean Girls" as they've become known in the lexicon of our time, love to send silent threats, where it's what they don't say that can push a teen over the edge causing her to do the unthinkable and end her life. Many don't get the suicide is the only release they know to end the daily suffering. It's sickening that people actually get enjoyment from tearing down another person. Reducing them to the point where they feel so worthless, they are given one of two choices...fight back or give up. 

While I was aware of bullying when I wrote, "Forever ME" I never realized how much I didn't know about it until I began to talk to teens who had faced it head on. Girls are 100% in agreement, that the way boys bully and girls are completely different. Boys it's almost always a physical threat, with girls...the attack is psychological.  The mean girls don't want to just make the teen they are after afraid, they want to demean her, and make her feel like her self worth is less than zero. To them the thought of her killing herself is viewed as a form of entertainment. And should this teen actual give up and commit suicide, these girls will enjoy a brief moment of victory and then as if it were a breeze on their shoulder...move on to the next victim. 

However the one place we don't expect bullies to stalk and taunt us is in our home. More often than not, parents can be worse than strangers, due in large to the fact there is no one there to stop them. They're your parents, you have to listen to them. But before we go further let me say, there's a huge difference to discipline a kid who is out of control and beating down a child simply because you're bigger than they are. Parental bullying often comes in the form of a step-parent. One who wishes you weren't part of the equation and if they have a bitterness towards the absent father or mother then usually the child is the target of their rage. And we wonder what has become of our world. Sibling bullying is another form of terror that often goes unnoticed. The teen who is being attacked often won't say anything because they know eventually they are going to be all alone with the bully and fear the worst. It brought me to the question; "Why don't teens tell someone when they are being attacked?"
1. Fear of reprisal.
2. Telling someone means they are weak and they don't want to be looked on as a snitch.
3. The parent/teacher or adult either thinks it's not serious or thinks they're just trying to get attention. 

What's worse is when an adult tries to put it on the teen to deal with it...with insane instructions like: Just ignore them... Stomp on their foot...(really? Stomp on their foot?) Just avoid them.
When the parent should march themselves to the school and demand to see the teacher and principal together. 

Telling is not as simple as it sounds though. Persecuted teens for some reason feel like it's their cross to bear and they should accept it. This is how guns get brought to school...out of fear, how kids snap and go on a rampage...

Kids get into fights, but the days of two teens getting into it after school to simply settle their differences is over. Teen fights have now become the new Pay-Per-View event, where everyone with a cell phone is there to record it so it can be played over and over again adding more psychological damage to the bullied teen.
We have to find a way to encourage our teens to TELL SOMEONE if they are getting bullied.
There's no shame in telling. I've said in recent interviews about my book "If someone is bullying you and you're scared... PLEASE TELL SOMEONE! If that person won't listen, TELL SOMEONE ELSE! IF no one in your life listens, TELL ME! I will listen!" And I mean that, because it will not go away on its own.