Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Forever ME ~ Paperbacks LIVE NOW!

The Paperback version of Forever ME went live on Amazon officially tonight.
Originally planned for a May 6, 2013 release. Thanks to Amazon coming on line about 5 days earlier than expected. So there are three ways for you to get a paperback should you want one.

1. Buy directly from my estore at Createspace for $12.85 + whatever shipping is. 
Createspace E-store CLICK HERE.  (Nice royalty rate applies here.)

2. Via Amazon directly. $12.85 Same price, Shipping will vary based on your shopping.

Amazon Paperback of Forever ME CLICK HERE (Not so nice royalty rate here.)


3. Buy direct from me on my blog via PayPal. $15.00 and you get it autographed
    and the shipping is included!

Forever ME via PayPal CLICK HERE.

Questions or comments please drop me a message!
Thank you everyone who has been so supportive of this novel and its message!

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