Saturday, July 30, 2011

Charlie Manson Is Hiding In My Curtains..

Yes you read that right. Charlie Manson in my curtains. So what does that mean you ask? Well, either I've been researching and writing about occult, serial killers and witchcraft so much that I'm starting to see things, or Charlie really is everywhere!

The story goes like this, (True by the way.) My wife and I are having just a simple conversation, I don't even remember what it was about, it was just chatter really. Yes we're one of the weird couples who actually like to talk to each other.  The conversation is going along swimmingly as I recall when I happen to notice that in the pattern of my curtain is Charlie Manson. (No smoking weed, no drinking honest!) In fact it's very similar to the famous Rolling Stone Cover photo of Charlie. I will let you decide If I'm hallucinating, on to something curious or if I just need new curtains.

Do you see him? He's hiding right there in the middle. Albeit these curtains were put installed in 1972. I wonder if Squeeky did some knitting in prison?

There you have it...If the show That's Incredible were still on, I could go on share my story and everyone would agree....Tom's a nut-job!  Think I'll go listen to The White Album now.

UPDATE: Several tell me, nope can't see him. So here is another pic with some highlights where to look.
Look to the right of the words on the left, and left to the word on the right in the middle it's there.
It may seem like I'm reaching, but when you look back at the original pic...then it will hit you!


Natasha Larry said...

LoL! I love it. Thanks for sharing this. I miss you!

Carolyn Arnold said...

Nope, can't see him.

Carolyn Arnold said...

yes, I see it now. Maybe it's time for new curtains? lol

E.J. Stevens said...

OMG, that is AWESOME. I love finding hidden pictures around the home. Many ghosts have peeped out of the wood grain on my watch!

p.s. I also found a spooky gentleman lurking in the folds of your curtain. He has a green fern mustache and shifty eyes. ;)

Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
From the Shadows

Scott Cherney said...

You're bleedin' daft, mate! That's not's Steve Railsback!

Author Thomas Amo said...

LOLOLOL!!!! Steve Railsback! WTH man! Could at least been Jeremy Davies!

bookbitereviews said...

Now I see it!! I honestly thought you were crazy at first.

Mireille said...

Lmfao! I spotted him right away! That's great!