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Writer To Writer with Sara Reine June 23, 2011

Today we are talking with Sara Reine, author of “Six Moon Summer.” Thank you Sara for taking the time to stop in and talk with us. So let’s get started!

How was “Six Moon Summer.” born?

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Well, when a writer and a story really love each other... ;) Rylie was a character who had been floating around in my head for some years, but I originally envisioned her attached to a different werewolf project. When I decided to get down to business and actually write her story, it turned out to be something novel and different. I don’t know how the plot came about. It’s one of those things that magically appeared from nowhere.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t want to be a writer (except the brief period, in the third grade, when I wanted to be a velociraptor). Originally I planned on being a second Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and being published before my eighteenth birthday. While I did get a short story published in an anthology during high school, I didn’t publish any books, but I guess having a short story published isn’t bad for a sixteen year old.

Did any of your characters exist before the story?  

Like I said before, Rylie did. The rest of them came out as aspects of Rylie’s personality. I secretly think of Six Moon Summer as one long fantasy in Rylie’s mind that she’s created to cope with her parents divorcing, which is why the girls are so blatantly, unrealistically antagonistic-- it’s Rylie beating herself up. Of course, nobody is interested in literary analysis outside of English classes, so I keep silly thoughts like that to myself.

What was your most satisfying moment with this book?

Getting it out and seeing such an overwhelming amount of support for it. Frankly, the act of writing is seldom “fun” or even “satisfying.” It’s work. Good work, but still work nevertheless.

Are your characters all completely fictional? Is there any of you in them?

Aren’t all characters like their creators? Even the best writers can’t create completely new people out of nowhere. We have to sacrifice a rib to make someone, and that part of us is always in them.

How did you choose your title?

I don’t remember. Like Rylie, it was hanging around for a few years before the book was written.

Which character would you bring home to mother? Which one would be secretly involved with?

This is where my half-gay is coming out! The only person in my books I would actually be involved with is Louise, one of the camp counselors. She’s foxy.

Where do you write and when?

I used to write in dim lighting with mood music and a glass of brandy. Now that I have a baby, I write wherever and whenever I get a few seconds! It takes a lot of the romance out of it, but you do what you gotta do. I’ve written one full book, one novella, and half of two different books since he was born eight months ago. Guerilla writing seems to be working out for me.

Do you have a playlist? If so what was “Six Moon Summer” If you could choose a theme song for this book what would it be?

I listen to a lot of movie scores while I’m writing. “Six Moon Summer” was primarily written to the tunes of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Gorgeous music.

What have you learned being an indie author?

Nothing sells itself. You have to work, work, work. I have a lot more respect for small business owners.

Fun Questions

Dogs or Cats? 

Yes! I have both. Cats are like little terrorists I harbor in my house. Dogs are needy children. Having a small zoo is more challenging with a baby, so I’m thinking of getting fish in the future instead of anymore furry companions.
      Coke or Pepsi?      Bleh! I hate soda. Give me green tea any day.

Socks or barefoot?  Barefoot, although I do love toe socks.

Coffee or Tea?  Tea. Coffee is too intense for me.

Harry Potter or Twilight?  This is a trick question, right? Harry Potter!

Who are you on L O S T?  The cute Australian woman with a baby, except without the accent.

What is your approach to resolve writer’s block?  Concrete goals, deadlines, and lots of doodling on scratch paper.

Traditional or ebook?  Ebook. I’ve had my Kindle for over two years now, and I feel weird reading traditional books. Plus it’s not very good for the environment.

Who should star in “Six Moon Summer?”  I would cast unknown actors so that viewers could immerse themselves in the story without thinking, “Wow! That’s Will Smith!” (not that I would cast Will Smith as Rylie)

If you didn’t write what else would you do?  I would be a programmer. I love problem-solving and the creativity required in programming, and I’m awesome with computers.

Final question: What is next for Sara Reine?
The 19 Dragons, a novella coming out on July 8th, and All Hallows Moon, coming out Fall 2011. I have a couple other projects in the works, but they’re still top secret!

Thanks Sara for taking the time to share with us some awesome insight to your writing life!
For those of you who want to keep up with Sara stop by her website and say hello!

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