Saturday, March 10, 2012

UK Model Will Be The Face of Hannah Richards in FOREVER ME

U.K. Model, Zoe Harrington has signed on to be the face in the forthcoming YA novel by Thomas Amo, entitled, FOREVER ME.

Creating the right cover for a book is important, as it sets the tone, but finding the right face is crucial to giving the book a life of its own. 

Many authors don't like to use models to represent the face of their main character as they feel sometimes it stifles the reader's mental idea of what that particular character looks like. The argument might be, write good details and the readers won't need a face, but me personally, I am drawn to covers that use a face. It's no different than a movie poster, it is an enticement to draw a prospective viewer or reader in this case. Not that I can't imagine the characters in my mind but if the author has decided to show me, and I'm agreeable to it, then all the better for me as I dig into the story.

I'm sure there are as many books that do just fine with a plain cover, but me personally, I want to give the reader a serious reason to want to pick up my work, and let's face it (no pun intended) who doesn't like a pretty face?

Zoe is an author as well and she totally gets the idea of knowing what your characters look like from the outset. I was thrilled beyond words when she agreed to become the face of sixteen-year old, Hannah Richards. We talked about what Hannah was like, and her habits, then we shared some ideas and the result is going to be a gorgeous cover. The book is scheduled for a Spring 2012 release, pending edits. It is ironic that a model named Zoe is going to be the face of my next female lead considering my last novel is titled An Apple For Zoe. And yes there have been times where I nearly called her Hannah because whenever I think of Hannah, I see Zoe...I suppose the good thing is the model for An Apple For Zoe wasn't named Hannah! Then I'd really be a mess.


'Timony Souler said...

That is fantastic news! I can't wait to read it :D

Grandma said...

You did good,Thomas,my friend!I love it n agree most surely! Now...give us the book,honey darlin'!

Zoe Harrington said...

Nice post Thomas! I read it like a newspaper article and it made me laugh! :-)

Author Thomas Amo said...

You're welcome Zoe! I'm proud to say we are working together!