Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From Drama Class To Published Authors.

Authors, M.E. Franco and Thomas Amo, have more in common than being Indie authors, they have been friends since meeting in drama class sometime in the last century. "Instantly, I knew she was talented! She was not only hysterically funny, but she was joy to share the stage with." Oddly enough the two years I shared a drama class with M.E. Franco in high school, we wouldn't actually be in a show together until, 1997 when I opened up my own all comedy theatre, "Smiler's Comedy Playhouse." Previous to that experience though, the two of us were in a movie together, "The Revenge of Chris White" and the sitcom, "Passport, Please." (Don't look for those gems of T.V. and motion picture entertainment) you won't find them anywhere. They're most likely buried alongside of Jimmy Hoffa.

This Saturday, our dynamic due continues on their trek in the world of arts and entertainment, as now we have both gone from being, stars of stage and screen to published authors. (Yes, this is a self serving blog.) Both of us have been writing all of our lives. I was published, in 2000 with my adventure romance novel, "Silence." It would be another eleven years before I was published again and for good reason. I still had a lot to learn about being a writer. During the 1990's while I owned my theatre, I began writing my own plays for the stage and that taught me a great deal about plot development and how to get the story moving from the beginning. If you own an all comedy theatre, then yours shows should begin with a laugh and end with a laugh...if you can't manage that...you shouldn't be writing comedy.

I was thrilled when I spoke to M.E. about the fact she was going to publish her first novel! Now just over a year she's about to release her second in a series. So to celebrate, we are appearing together at the Stockton library this Saturday, June the 16th at 2:pm where we will be reading from our novels, "An Apple For Zoe, & Where Will You Run?" We will also be talking about the world of Indie publishing and doing a Q&A as well.

It's an exciting time for any author to be asked to come and speak about their work. I want to thank the Stockton Library and M.E. Franco for being the liaison for the event. So come down this Saturday and say hello if you're local! We'd love to say hi and meet you!

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Jean Booth said...

That is SO AWESOME!!!! I'm so excited for you both and wish I could be there to support you and heckle you from the audience. (Actually I'm so shy I'd probably wait until the very end after the mob has disappeared to say, "hey" Then blush and run from the building) I just like to pretend I'm cool. lol. I hope you two get it on video so those of us who can't be there can at least watch on YouTube! I'm so excited for you both! Have a blast! :)